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Discover, Play, and Learn Together

5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Kid’s Concentration Levels
No matter how talented a child may be, it really doesn’t count for much if those skills or talents aren’t put to use properly. And to effectively n...

5 Things You Can Do To Be A More Present Parent
There’s so much talk these days about how parents need to be more present for their kids, more than there’s been ever before. Of course,...

baba baa Interviews Sarah Lee: Raising A Child With Empathy & Reason
On the ceaseless journey that we call parenthood, it’s sometimes easy to find ourselves in need of a little inspiration. At times we wonder...

5 Challenges To Expect When You Become A New Parent
Congratulations! After surviving a challenging nine months, you and your partner have managed to oversee a successful delivery and the arrival of a healthy baby. And now that you’re reading this, there’s a huge chance that you’re a first-time parent! 

5 Easy Ways To Inspire Your Kids To Become Creative Problem-Solvers

As parents, it’s our hope to raise our kids to become creative individuals who can solve problems and find creative solutions to their challenges. It’s been proven time and time again that being able to solve problems is one of the key traits that allow a person to go further in life.

5 Reasons Why Books Are The Absolute Best Gifts For Babies & Toddlers
We think that when it comes to giving a child a gift, books are the best way to go. Here’s why.  Whether it be for a birthday, a baby showe...

Tips For Quality Parent-Child Bonding
From indulging in a good children’s book to doing house chores to playing games together, social distancing during COVID-19 has served up plenty o...

4 Tips For Making The Most Out Of The baba baa Book Collection
One of the best ways to get your child’s mind working is by getting them to read. Studies have proven that reading inspire plenty of benefits in y...

How To Develop Both Sides Of Your Kid’s Brain Equally

It’s no secret that our brains are divided into two parts — the right and left brains. These two sides of the same structure may look pretty similar, but perform distinctly different mental tasks and functions.

A Reminder Why Reading Is So Important For Your Baby (Or Toddler)
The benefits of parents getting their young toddler and babies to read children’s books are great and many, but what exactly are they?  By now we ...

5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Occupied When You’re Super Busy
  The modern-day parent is an extremely busy individual. With already so little time to attend to job responsibilities, household chores, and other...

5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Read Stories To Your Kids

The mind of a child is full of possibilities and endless adventure. Remembering when we ourselves were young, most of us can recall times where we pretended to be heroes or heroines in our favourite stories told to us by our parents, grandparents, and teachers.