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Listen to a song clip and read the lyrics for one of the songs from the Rasa Sayang Song Book

Rasa Sayang:
Sing and Record Fun Book


Burung kakaktua
Hinggap di jendela


Nenek sudah tua
Giginya tinggal dua


Letcum letcum letcum hulala
Letcum letcum letcum hulala
Letcum letcum letcum hulala


Burung kakaktua

Sing along in English


Cockatoo oh cockatoo
Sitting by the window


Grandma is getting old
She only has two teeth I know


Lectum letcum letcum hulala
Letchum letchum letchum hulala
Letchum letchum letchum hulala


Cockatoo oh cockatoo

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