5 Reasons Why Books Are The Absolute Best Gifts For Babies & Toddlers

5 Reasons Why Books Are The Absolute Best Gifts For Babies & Toddlers

5 Reasons Why Books Are The Absolute Best Gifts For Babies & Toddlers

We think that when it comes to giving a child a gift, books are the best way to go. Here’s why. 

Whether it be for a birthday, a baby shower or a just a simple show of love for a child (be it yours or someone else’s), the options you’re faced with when it comes to picking up a children’s gift are almost impossible to count. Head out to your nearest shopping mall or look online and you’ll see hundreds of options for clothes, toys, education materials, and other childcare products. 

But no matter what the occasion, you can never go wrong with a good children’s book. Gifting a child a book benefits them greatly in many areas, including helping them in their early education journey, to helping them understand life, to forming better relationships with their parents. 

How exactly?  

By Getting Them To Actually Read! 

The most obvious advantage a children’s book gives a child is the early exposure to reading, which helps them get acquainted with letters, numbers, and colors at a crucial stage of their physical and mental development. These are all important to their future success in school and life, so you can understand that the wider a variety of books and content a child is exposed to, the better.  

Obviously, the best way to get a child to read is by actually putting a children’s book in front of them.

Aiming for books that provide fun learning through repetition and rhyme is your best bet when shopping for a gift for a toddler or a child, and you’ll get even better mileage with those that include spectacular artwork, as splendid visuals are always a guarantee of getting a child mesmerized. 

By Keeping Them Engaged For Hours

Speaking of which, keeping a child mesmerized is the second reason why children’s books make for great gifts compared to toys or clothes. Something like a sound book with interactive learning features can keep a child occupied for lengthy periods—sometimes hours on end, which translates into the dream scenario for most parents.

You’ll be surprised at how children can get completely immersed in the pages of a book, especially one with well-planned out and engaging content. So rather than having to painstakingly plan games or activities to keep their need for stimulation satiated, a good children’s book is a comparatively easy fix! 

After all, which parent wouldn’t want to be able to have their baby or toddler absorbed in something meaningful and productive instead of passively watching a screen, or worse, acting up due to boredom? We know we’d appreciate the help! 

By Letting Them Imagine

Probably one of the most amazing things we all remember about being kids is the limitless imagination and creativity we all had whilst growing up. Without having seen much of the world around us, we had the liberty to dream up mental images of what we thought something would be or could be, or even things that never existed in the first place. 

For babies and toddlers, a good children’s book is a chance to let them escape the real world and their imaginations run free. Whether through a song or a story, a child can spin out-of-this-world imagery as they go through each line or phrase, all completely alive in their minds and sometimes aided by the accompanying art to help them create a full fictional enactment of what they think is happening in the story or song. 

Books are unbeatable at letting a child’s imagination and creativity grow! (Image Credit: Porapak Apichodilok)

Now, compare this to the act of just watching a show on a screen, where images are directly spoon-fed to them, and it becomes clear which option is better for the development of their creativity.

A Book Is A Gift For Both Parent AND Child

For parents especially, the opportunity to spend as much time with their baby or toddler is as precious as gold. We know our kids won’t stay young forever, and we can bet we won’t have as much time to bond with them as soon as they develop their own interests. 

This is again why children’s books make amazing gifts, whether you’re buying them for your own kids or for someone else’s. 

One of the best ways for parents to bond with their kids is to read together. 

A good children’s book can always translate into a quality and fun learning session between a parent and child. When used correctly, it transforms into a tool to help both sides connect and understand each other better.Sure, you could substitute a book with an iPad, but then you’ll see yourself missing out on the chance to interact with your child and explain things that they might be curious about.

Books Are Super Fuss-Free

This one’s especially true for those who want to get a gift for a child that’s not their own. 

It’s clear that children’s books not only make for functional and beneficial gifts, but also very elegant and hassle-free ones. If you’re willing to fork out a nice sum for a well-written, well-designed, and well-made option, there really is no way you can go wrong. 

Instead of deliberating over what size of shirt, mittens, or socks to buy, or wondering if that child will like that toy you’re thinking of getting, simply pick up a children’s book with catchy and well-thought out and you’re good to go. It also helps that many of these books come with attractive packaging, saving you the fuss of buying fancy wrappers and ribbons. 

… And We’ve Got Them!

Now if you were shopping around and you’ve convinced yourself that getting a children’s book is the best option to go with, we’d like you to know that our range of books tick all of the above boxes and more. 

For instance, our line-up of sing-along sound books such as the Rasa Sayang Sing-And-Record Children Fun Book will give young readers an outlet to express their inner vocalist while learning about traditional Malay children’s songs and culture through catchy rhyme repetition and with beautiful child-friendly artwork. 

baba baa’s children’s book collection provides immense fun learning through repetition, catchy rhymes, and engaging sounds.

Then there’s our Press-and-Learn English Malay Chinese Words Sound Book specially made to help babies and toddlers grasp basic everyday vocabulary. The included sound module ensures fun learning sessions where they’ll get acquainted with various animals, vehicles, fruits, vegetables, and much more through by hearing sound effects and repeating names in English, Bahasa, and Mandarin. 

All of these activities are also designed to get parents involved whether it be singing, explaining, or just taking in the sounds and pictures alongside their little ones. 

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