Raising A Child With Empathy & Reason

baba baa interviews Sarah Lee: Raising A Child With Empathy & Reason

On the ceaseless journey that we call parenthood, it’s sometimes easy to find ourselves in need of a little inspiration. At times we wonder if we’re making the right decisions in raising our kids—were we too harsh, or were we not assertive enough? While other times we make a chore figuring out ways to make things more manageable and fun at home.

This month, we speak to Sarah Lee—a mommy from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia now residing in Sydney, Australia, and a co-founder of a men’s bespoke fashion brand (@suitmisura)—about her parenting journey and her approach to taking care of her 3-year-old girl Zara, including their favorite activities together, discipline, and making life just a little bit more fun.

You can follow Sarah on her Instagram profile (@lala_lee) and keep up to date with her journey as a mommy to little Zara.

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